Frequently Asked Questions

Are Ming Hair products real hair or synthetic?

Ming Hair products are 100% untreated and chemical free. All hair bundles are soft, silky with cuticles intact to provide that luxurious look and feel. You will be pleased with the natural look in every one of our hair products, creating a stunning enhancement to your look. You will find the Ming Hair selection in different textures, lengths and colors. Our products are simply the very best in the world!

How do I care for my Ming Hair Product?

Taking care of your virgin hair wig or extensions is important to its perfect condition and its longevity. The following care & maintenance tips can help you manage the beauty and the quality of your Ming Hair bundles, weaves or wigs.

  1. Brush your hair at least once daily. Hold your weave or wig firmly in place and start brushing from the bottom up to get rid of the toughest tangles. Any knots should be gently combed or brushed, to avoid the loss of hair.
  2. Wash your weave no more than twice weekly. Give it a gentle brush before shampoo and conditioner are applied. This makes it easier to brush wet hair.
  3. To dry your hair, keep the hairdryer setting on a low to medium heat. If you have the time, it is best to let your weave or wig dry naturally. This will avoid unnecessary heat damage.
  4. Treat your hair once a month. The application of a deep conditioning treatment will restore the high shine and impeccable condition of your hair.
  5. To maintain the shiny condition of your hair, it is best to apply a light silicone product in the form of a spray. The spray will deliver a beautiful sheen but only use a small amount of your hair extensions could become too oily.

How do I help my product keep its shape?

You can keep the shape of your weave and wig intact by placing it on a rounded stand or a mannequin head when not in use. Read more about caring for your products here.

How do I know the hair products are authentic?

When you purchase a Ming Hair Product, it is backed by our quality guarantee. You can trust the love and the care that have gone into the selection of our incredible hair products and our wonderful accessories.

Is it available in my country?

Currently, Ming Hair Products are shipped to all points within the United States. If you have a request for out of the country shipping, please contact us.

Can I get help making my selection?

Absolutely! We have experience and knowledge about all of our products and one of our dedicated associates is here to help. Please contact us.

Managing Your Account

How do I manage my account?

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How secure is the website?

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How do I see my Reward Points?

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Where is my promo code?

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